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The ideal blend of aesthetic and functionality is new home siding. Clean and colourful siding may completely improve your home’s curb appeal. Simultaneously, outdated siding can hide a slew of issues that, if left unattended, might cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. If you’re thinking about replacing your siding (or trying to persuade your spouse), there are more advantages than most people realize.

Remember Me Roofing is a home improvement company dedicated to beautifying and protecting your property against the elements. Siding replacement can help you achieve both of these objectives.

5 Key Advantages of New Siding in Ottawa

  1. Significantly Improved Home Appearance — New siding has a genuinely transforming effect. To begin with, replacing the outdated siding with a lovely modern alternative makes your home appear brand new. In addition, installing new siding allows you to add new trim and accents, which can help you create a dramatic new colour scheme. Regardless of whether you choose luxury vinyl, fibre cement, or composite siding, your home will look gorgeous.
  2. Actual Home Value Increase — One of the practical advantages of new siding is that it is a long-term investment in your home. On average, new siding enhances the value of a property by around 80% of the project cost. This is one of the highest returns on investment you can get from any home improvement project. Bottom line: not only will you be able to enjoy your improved curb appeal, but you’ll also be able to recoup your investment if you ever decide to sell. After hearing this unexpected siding information, even the most hesitant consumers may be persuaded to take the plunge into a remodel.
  3. Significantly Improved Energy Efficiency — Most homeowners understand that new windows will improve their home’s energy efficiency, but new siding can have a similar, if not greater, effect. We add house wrap and insulation to new siding installations and seal any air leakage issue on your energy bill every month.
  4. Identify and address issues before they become more serious — Some houses with a specific set of traits are HIGHLY susceptible to leaking water, mould, and rot beneath their siding. This can cause significant damage to your home, both inside and out if left uncontrolled and addressed. When you replace your siding, you ensure that it is mould-free and stays that way. You’ll never have to worry about new siding or any of these difficulties again if you build it correctly.
  5. Remove the Cheap Vinyl Plastic Appearance — Vinyl siding has a terrible rap when it comes to style, and that rap isn’t necessarily accurate. While no one can deny that old vinyl appears cheap, outdated, and “plasticky,” fresh vinyl can be very stunning. If your house is covered in dingy old siding, changing it can make a big difference in how it looks. This is one of the many advantages of new siding that numerous homeowners are persuaded of each year.

The Benefits of Siding

One of the best things about working with a siding contractor like Remember Me Roofing is that new, high-quality siding gives your home several advantages, including:

Maintenance is reduced — Vinyl siding is noted for its longevity, the fact that it does not need to be painted, and the ease with which it can be washed with a hose.Benefits of Siding

A wide range of possibilities–  Siding comes in various styles and pricing ranges, so there’s something for everyone.

Resale value is higher –  With the correct siding, you can easily raise your home’s entire resale value. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon, you can be assured that if you do decide to sell, you’ll most likely get more for it than you paid for it when you first bought it.

Remember Me Roofing offers free siding inspections

We’re giving free, no-obligation siding inspections to homeowners in our service region for a limited time. Our siding experts will inspect your property and either give you the green light or recommend repairs or replacements.

If you’re wondering if your siding has mould, rot, or other problems, now’s your opportunity to find out for free. Contact us today to schedule a siding inspection or learn more about the many advantages of siding installation.