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Leak-free and maintenance-free skylights are us

Skylight Installation

Let our expert team of skylight and sun-tunnel installers bring natural new light into your home. Maintenance-free? Absolutely. Leaks? Absolutely not. When done right, skylights and sun tunnels help you save on electricity and brighten your living space, no “wires” attached. Call us to learn more. We’ll give you the facts about skylights and help you see through the myths and misconceptions.


Skylights and sun-tunnels are an asset to your home, and don’t require structural changes to your house. Provided they’re installed properly, by experts (like Remember Me) and don’t leak.

We use VELUX® top-of-the-line skylights and tunnels, which come in a variety of styles, and ensure that they’re letting light – but not rain or cold – into your home. From automatic-venting skylights, to manual ones, to fixed skylights and from rigid sun-tunnels to flexible ones, we’ve got you covered, sealed, and leak-free, guaranteed.