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Skylight Installer: Benefits and Disadvantages

So you’re considering installing a skylight in your home, but you’re not sure if it’s a good investment. There are various factors to consider before replacing your roof or selecting new gutters.

As professionals, we understand the benefits and drawbacks of having skylights and how to minimize the difficulties, particularly by selecting the appropriate equipment and approaching each case with the homeowner’s best interests in mind.

No two skylight installations are alike since everyone considers them for various reasons. Perhaps you’d want to have more natural light in your bedroom or bathroom. Or have you possibly improved ventilation? Or maybe you’d like to add solar-powered heat to a chilly living space?

In any case, we’ll walk you through the most typical benefits, objections, and questions our clients have before installing a skylight (or deciding to go another way).

Deck-mounted skylights are a more recent form with a reduced profile due to the lack of a box structure. Because they hug the roof, these are thought to be a more energy-efficient option.

The Benefits of Skylight

Rooftop windows and skylights can provide a variety of benefits to homeowners. They can raise your home’s total value (equity) and cure some problems in stuffy, cold, or gloomy rooms.

Including natural light (as well as solar heating) in your areas

The most significant advantage of skylights is that they allow natural light into your room. Solar heat is produced as a result of sunlight. What difference does it make to you? Natural light has been shown to increase mood and even performance in the office. In addition, heating your home with sunshine might help you save money on heating bills during the colder months.

Allowing more fresh air in and improving ventilation

You can open skylight windows to allow in the fresh air. Improves cross circulation in congested areas, freshens the air and cools your living spaces without using the air conditioner.

Energy cost savings (electric and heating)

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As previously said, sunshine can heat your interiors, while cross ventilation can cool them down. Each can help you save money on electricity (just be sure to build a leak-proof skylight with laminated glass!)

Aesthetic improvements increase the resale value.

Skylights, for example, can add wealth to your home by increasing its market value and providing a beautiful, natural light environment in select spaces.

Natural light and “creating space” in a room

Like mirrors on the walls, skylights may make a space “feel bigger” and more expansive. During the day, you can also enjoy a view of the night sky or wildlife.

The Disadvantages of Skylights

Skylights, like any other cosmetic change to your home, have possible drawbacks. As specialists who have installed several skylights for homes, we can tell you that many of the negatives stem from bad (or misinformed) selections made before installing the skylight.

  • Investing in low-quality equipment that does not come with a reliable warranty
  • Choosing the location of your skylight without first consulting with a professional
  • Hiring a service expert with no experience installing skylights
  • You can do it yourself (no offence to those hardcore DIY-ers out there)
  • The cost of replacing or repairing a faulty installation

The list might go on forever. However, it may prevent most of these concerns by doing the exact opposite – using high-quality equipment, getting competent guidance, and hiring a trustworthy skylight professional.

If you’ve covered all of your bases by making the appropriate decisions (as discussed above), the disadvantages will be specific to your situation. Here are a few to think about:

If the skylight is not correctly built or is done with low-quality equipment, heat is lost. (This is one of the key reasons we exclusively install No Leak Skylights, which have the industry’s best guarantee.)

During the day, the placement of the skylight allows in too much light or too much heat. That is why a comprehensive consultation is a brilliant idea, so you can install a skylight in a location that will meet your demands without allowing the natural benefits to overpower you.

The skylight’s features fall short of your expectations. Do you want to be able to open the window from a distance? Or perhaps you’d like your windows to close automatically before a rainstorm? These kinds of qualities are vital considerations (which are generally overlooked!)

What if a tree limb falls on the skylight and shatters it? It is conceivable, but it does not have to be a difficult circumstance. In the event of a breakage, we propose that our customer purchase laminated glass. This glass is coated with a thin film that keeps the broken glass from fracturing and falling into the house.

Should you buy Skylights that are curb-mounted or deck-mounted?

There are two kinds of skylights for sale and installation: curb-mounted and deck-mounted.

Curb mounting necessitates the creation of a box construction for the unit to rest on. As long as the flashing is in excellent condition, these can be used to replace a skylight without the requirement to re-flash the skylight simultaneously.

Deck-mounted skylights are a more recent form with a reduced profile due to the lack of a box structure. Because they hug the roof, these are thought to be a more energy-efficient option.