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Take the guesswork and stress out of your exterior design choices

Get a premium 3D quote!


  • a digital working 3D model of your home
  • full colour and product samplings (roofs, shingles, soffits, fascia, etc.) 
  • extensive, flawless measurements
  • pinpoint material counts

With a 3D quote, you see it all before buying it all.

In (month) 2023, RMR began using a state-of-the art tool to not only craft extremely detailed and accurate estimates for you, but also allow you to explore designs and product options first-hand on a 3D model of your home. 

Two ways to get a premium 3D quote

  1. Purchase it as a stand-alone service. $350 plus HST. That said, if you sign on with RMR in the end, we’ll deduct that cost from your final project quote.
  2. If you sign a contract for your project with RMR from the get-go, the premium 3D quote is free.

A simple process 

You reserve and purchase your 3D quote ($350 + HST).

Our estimator comes to your home to discuss your needs and to take photos.

We transform the photos into a detailed plan and customizable 3D model of your home, with a few preliminary designs and prices.

You meet again with our estimator to view the model and to finalize your design and product choices.

We adjust the initial prices to reflect your final choices and, if applicable, set the project start date.