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A people-first company

Working for you is a lot more than checking off another job on the docket. From all the competition out there, you’re choosing or considering RMR. That’s not lost on us, and we see it as a chance to build a relationship with you, anchored in trust and respect.

We feel the same way about our entire team: in doing their best for you, they’re doing their best for us, so we make sure they know, both in words and in deeds, how much they matter, how much we care. Relationships make businesses succeed, not “transactions.”

When we take care of those around us, the rest takes care of itself.

People first, always. That’s what we’re about.

Our Mission

We provide expert roofing, siding, fascia and soffit services that secure and beautify homes and commercial buildings alike. We excel at what we do because of our people-first philosophy, where our employees, our customers, our business partners and our community know that we always do our best to do right by them.


As a people-first company, we will continue setting exemplary quality, customer-service and community-involvement standards in the Ottawa roofing and siding industry. We’ll also keep helping our staff stay on the path toward personal and professional fulfilment by giving them the guidance, leadership and stability that they need to discover all their talents and always believe in themselves.

What sets us apart?

Any reputable roofing and siding company knows that getting the job done right, all wrapped in stellar service, is fundamental to its survival. So, what do we do at RMR beyond those fundamentals so that you remember us for the right reasons and keep us on your referral list?

  • We put people first… we’ll never say it enough: We give our team the best possible working conditions, including ample opportunity for personal growth and professional advancement, all in a setting that makes them feel like a somebody, like they belong… all the time. By encouraging them to blossom individually, we bolster the service and workmanship you’re entitled to. You will never fail helping others succeed.
  • We embrace the need to grow: If we want everyone on our team to get ahead, to blossom, we have to provide the space for that and set an example. That’s why you’ll see us at so many specialty trade expos and wealth-builder events that prompt us to keep learning, keep improving and keep growing.
  • We invest in high-level management: We have seven on-staff professionals who boast not only the technical and administrative insights to make any project doable, but also the ability to impart those insights to both you and our staff alike. This permanent, full-time, in-house expertise gives RMR an edge that’s hard to match.

A People First Company

Leading by example to leave the best possible legacy

We want to reshape the challenge of becoming and remaining industry leaders. It’s why our senior leadership models teamwork, collegiality, client focus and personal safety and insists that these values rule the day on every job site. It’s also why all RMR team members, be they seasoned or just starting out, inject all of themselves into every project. On the strength of RMR’s success and support, our crew members also build the drive and the confidence to launch out on their own as subcontractors or contractors. To that end, they tap into RMR’s focus on people, relationships and the long term to help define Ottawa’s roofing industry for years to come. What prouder legacy is there than having your vision of responsible entrepreneurship adopted by those whom you yourself convinced to believe in themselves?