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Clear, honest and thorough advice from experts


Wanting to know how your roof, attic and siding are doing after years of wacky Ottawa weather is normal… and wise. What’s not so normal? Venturing up there yourself if you’re untrained. Call us instead. We’ll do the climbing and the crawling safely for you, be it for your personal peace of mind or for an insurance claim you’re submitting after one of nature’s tantrums.

Inspections take about one hour, and you get a detailed report that includes photos, solutions to existing or potential problems and the estimated cost of those solutions. Expert, fail-safe info for you and, if need be, your insurer. Coverage in every sense of the word.

Easy as 3 steps

We help you get approved. Call the experts to provide you detailed reports of your roofing & exteriors. Don’t leave your home’s integrity to chance.

Step 1 : Inspection Request

  • Send in address to be inspected.
  • Choose your service: Roofing, Siding, Eavethrough, Soffit, Fascia.
  • Reasons for inspection.
  • Schedule request.

Step 2 : Inspection

  • Qualified technicians onsite.
  • Thorough analysis.
  • Temporary protection for emergencies.
  • Photo Evidence.
  • Professional assessment.

Step 3 : Report

  • Thorough written report.
  • All risk factors identified.
  • Photo’s provided.
  • Solutions provided.
  • Satellite sketch of roof provided.
  • Quote to repair or replace.
  • Exteriors 3D model provided by request.
  • Question and Answer period.