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There are quite a bit of variables when considering the length of time to complete a roof. We can start with breaking your roof down to small, medium or large. Small houses steep or not should take one day to complete. Medium houses take one or two days depending on the pitch and large houses are three or more days. If your roof is in the Glebe or Downtown Ottawa you can expect your roof to take longer than usual. This is due to the difficulty, age and the adjacent houses.

Weather can play a factor in the completion time. Such things as high winds, rain and excessive heat can cause the delay. A good crew will always show up ready to work. Unforeseen delays can occur as the roofing project begins, these problems can be related to the roof decking, extra layers, insulation and missing metal. A lot of these issues can only be diagnosed once the roof has been removed. As a homeowner these delays might be frustrating, but they do happen sometimes not at the fault of the working crew.

Bad habits among roofers can cause unnecessary delays in your roofs completion. These bad habits can include short working days, small crews, no foreman, subcontractors, and inefficiency on the roof.

When your choosing an Ottawa roofing contractor be sure to find out the size of crew that will be on your roof. Knowing the expected completion time and size of crew working before signing a contract will give you an idea of the type of company you will be working with. An effective roofing crew should be five crewmembers including an on site foreman.

Remember Me Roofing is effective in completing your roof in an appropriate time frame. Our crews are no less then five guys and have an experienced foreman to over see the work completed. If any delays occur they will be discussed immediately to avoid any unnecessary wait times. From start to finish our team can provide you an efficient style to complete your roof in a timely manner.