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Service bundles and ample options for your new home

New builds

We serve homeowners, custom builders and mass contractors alike

We have a range of options and products to suit whatever plans you have for your build, be it living there yourself or putting it right back on the market. And do talk to us about bundling services to rein in your costs. Aside from the roof, we can add siding, soffit, fascia and eaves, allowing you to deal with just one trade instead of many. And getting a quick, reliable quote is a simple as sending us your blueprints: we use them to take precise measurements (“take-offs”), so no accuracy or pricing issues.
Finally, don’t fret about scheduling and deadlines with RMR. We’re used to the constraints of new builds and the need to coordinate the work of multiple sub-contractors. Count on us to get our part of the project done seamlessly and on time.