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So you’re thinking of adding a skylight to your home but aren’t sure if it’ll be a wise investment. Before rebuilding your roof or choosing new gutters, there are several considerations to consider.

As professionals, we understand the advantages and disadvantages of skylights and how to mitigate the challenges, notably by selecting suitable equipment and approaching each case with the homeowner’s best interests in mind.

Since everyone considers skylights for different reasons, no two installations are alike. Maybe you’d want more natural light in your bathroom or bedroom. Or have you made any changes to the ventilation? Alternatively, perhaps you’d like to add solar-powered heat to a cool living space?

Skylight Installers | Remember Me Roofing

Skylight Benefits

Rooftop windows and skylights can help homeowners in a variety of ways. They can increase the entire worth of your property (equity) and alleviate some issues in stuffy, cold, or gloomy rooms.

Incorporating natural light into your spaces

The primary benefit of skylights is that they allow natural light into your space. What difference does it make to you that solar heat is produced as a result of sunlight? In the office, natural light has been found to improve mood and even performance. Furthermore, using sunlight to heat your home may help you save money on heating bills during the winter months.

Increasing the amount of fresh air and enhancing ventilation

Fresh air can be let in through skylight windows. This promotes cross circulation, freshens the air, and cools your living spaces without utilizing the air conditioner in congested places.

Savings on energy (electric and heating)

Sunlight can heat your interiors, but cross ventilation can cool them down, as previously said. Each can help you save money on power (just be sure you use laminated glass to make a leak-proof skylight!)

Improvements to the appearance raise the resale value.

Skylights, for example, can increase the value of your property while also offering a lovely, natural light environment in some areas.

Natural light and “creating space” In a room

Skylights, like mirrors on the walls, may make a room “feel bigger” and more expansive. You can also enjoy a glimpse of the night sky or wildlife throughout the day.

Five things to consider when selecting a skylight contractor

  1. Insurance 

Insurance is required for all contractors, regardless of their employment description. This insurance is for you, the homeowner, rather than for them. Liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance are the two types of insurance you want a skylight installation contractor to have.Things to Consider In Installing Skylight | Remember Me Roofing

If an accident occurs on the work, the contractor will be covered by liability insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance protects contractor employees who are injured on the job.


  1. The Local

Always go with a contractor who is a reasonable distance away from you. This isn’t about the amount of time it takes to go somewhere. It all comes down to the professional’s area of knowledge. They will not only be familiar with the weather in your area but they will also have been hired by someone you know in the past. This makes it simple not just to assess their performance but also to communicate with them.


  1. Costing

Never, ever pick a contractor only based on their quote. Yes, staying within your budget is critical, but you must also recognize that bidding for the lowest price has numerous hazards. Low-cost labour entails less enthusiasm and skill and a greater likelihood of future issues. Second, you’ll end up paying twice or three times as much to fix the damage created by the shoddily completed project.

  1. Contract

Obtain employment information in writing at all times. Even if you know the roofer who will be installing your skylight, you must have a contract in place that legally binds both of you. The contract will detail everything from the estimated project length to the cost of materials, labour, and the warranty, allowing you to maintain control of the situation.

Before signing at the bottom, make sure you completely read the contract’s conditions and that you agree with them all.

  1. Communication

Communication is essential in any relationship, regardless of the type of partnership. You want a skylight installer who responds to your queries, returns your calls, sends documentation, and goes above and beyond your expectations. What about you? How do they treat you? Select someone respectful, courteous, and considerate of your time.

Should you buy skylights that are mounted on the curb or on the deck?

Skylights are available in two types for purchase and installation:


Curb mounting demands the development of a box structure to support the unit. These can be used to replace a skylight without having to re-flash the skylight simultaneously as long as the flashing is in good shape.


Deck-mounted skylights are a newer kind with a lower profile due to the absence of a box framework. These are regarded to be a more energy-efficient solution because they hug the roof.