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What Exactly is a Skylight?

Skylights, also known as roof lights, have become popular in contemporary houses because they provide light to otherwise gloomy spaces. In some circumstances, they replace entire windows, while in others, they compliment the windows and contribute to the room’s overall attractiveness and design.

However, skylights are not a new invention; open skylights were employed by architects in Ancient Rome, with one example being the oculus of the Pantheon. Since the Industrial Revolution, glazed closed skylights have been employed.

Since the mid-twentieth century, assembly line manufacturing units have introduced skylights to various environments and applications. Energy-saving has resulted in architectural innovation, the development of efficiency grading systems, and novel motivational and transmission mechanisms for skylights.

Fixing a Leaky Skylight

While insulated-glass frames are often waterproof, they may enable water to infiltrate the window structure over time. This will separate the frame and cause damage to the insulated glass’s seal. However, if it is discovered that this component of the skylight has failed, you may still be able to reseal it to prevent future leaks. However, removing and replacing the whole skylight can eliminate the dampness and opaque glass from a failed unit.

If the leak occurs at the roof flashing, temporary repairs around the perimeter of the unit using roof flashing cement may be performed. However, you will need to remove the tiles around your skylight to complete the work properly. Install the necessary flashing and then replace the tiles in that location. The majority of skylights have required flashing or customized flashing kits that have been created expressly for the structure and roof material.

4 Skylight Benefits For Your Home

  1. Improved Mood and Productivity

When you add a skylight to a room, the quantity of natural light in the area is increased. Among the most significant advantages of natural light is an increase in mood. Additionally, natural light might boost your workplace efficiency. Additionally, natural light may help alleviate anxiety and tension while adding comfort to your living area.

  1. Enhanced Resale Value

Skylights are one-of-a-kind elements that offer an aesthetic appeal that many purchasers want. Skylights are considered a deluxe accessory. You may boost your property’s market value and general appearance by installing a skylight and getting a large return on your investment with a skylight.

  1. Increased Your Room’s Aesthetic Space

By adding a skylight to your room, you may instantly make it seem larger and more spacious. Additionally, a skylight adds an important aesthetic element – it provides a beautiful view of the sky, which can be used for nature viewing during the day and stargazing at night.

  1. Efficient Energy Use

Skylights are beneficial to your health and the environment. In colder areas, skylights enhance the amount of heat that enters your house through solar radiation. As a consequence, you spend less energy to heat your house.

How to Avoid Glare from Skylights?

  1. Manage the Light

Did you know that the form of the skylight influences how the light is distributed across the room? Build a flared skylight rather than a straight-sided skylight if you want the light to spread out. Straight-sided skylights are preferable when you want concentrated light that enters the space in a straight path.Everything You Need to Know About Skylights Installation

  1. Create the Apparent Existence of Space

Does your house seem cramped and uncomfortable? While room extensions are costly, adding a skylight may suit your budget well. When light cannot reach all of the corners of a room, it may create the illusion of a smaller area. All it takes is one well-positioned skylight to transform a space.

  1. Possibility of Vented Skylights

Another approach to keep your house cool while using the natural light provided by skylights is installing a venting skylight. This enables the entry of fresh air and the exit of heat. Choose motorized skylights over manually operated skylights for simplicity of usage.

  1. Skylight Upgrade to Automatic

Consider adding automated skylights equipped with rain and heat sensors if your budget permits. The sensor monitors temperature and moisture levels, automatically opening the skylight when it becomes too hot and shutting it when rain is detected. The majority of automated skylights also have programmable remote controls.

Whichever style of skylight you install, ensure that your roof is in excellent enough condition to sustain this addition. If there are any visible concerns with the construction or materials of your roof, you should address them before adding skylights. Contact Remember Me Roofing at 613-854-7663 to schedule a professional roof inspection.